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Coeus Education Services is a Philippine based company located in Metro Manila's burgeoning High Tech business area of Alabang, Muntinlupa. Our mandate is to provide training, key knowledge and skills that lead people to better opportunities and self fulfilment through education. Additionally Coeus lends its support to Education providers from around the world in aiding to their back office support and development.


Coeus works with a highly focused group of personnel, who combine excellence in service with years of experience with highly innovative programs and educational providers.

Since its inception, Coeus Education Services Inc. has maintained its dedication and passion towards excellence. This is reflected in both our Mission and Vision Statements as they are a basis for everything that our company embodies.

Coeus Education Inc. only looks for the best & the brightest & we know no borders in our pursuit for excellence. This is the same for both our employees & the Students that participate in our programs. We have accomplished this by assembling a team that has been brought together from around the globe.

Coeus Education Services Inc. has a diverse range of expertise within the educational field and has employed this expertise to deploy exciting programs while working to develop new and exciting products that brings new life to the vast world of education.

Should you be a school or an organization and interested in offering a course for your students or customers – please click here.

Coeus is one of the Greek Titan gods. He is the god of Intellect, education, Learning and of the inquisitive mind. He is seen as the beginning of all knowledge, born both in heaven and derived on earth

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