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Coeus works to identify and bring in quality programs from around the world that serve to train people and provide them opportunities for self-development and employment. In addition to this Coeus has produced programs to aid in specific niche areas for the local market.


Coeus education has partnered with the Canadian TESOL Institute (CTI) to bring in their internationally recognized certification that educates people how to teach English. The CTI TESOL Fundamentals course is a comprehensive program designed to teach people how to teach English. For an overview of the course, click more.


Visa Interview Skills Course
Thousands of People attend Interviews in Embassies every year, and while some pass others are not so lucky. One of the main reasons for not passing is the applicant is not prepared and can not articulate their answers in the manner that the Visa Officer is looking for. Coeus education has created a 20-hour Visa skills program that focuses on the English Skills to aid in the success rate for passing a Visa Interview.  For an overview of the course, click more.


IELTS Training Course
The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test has become one of the most recognized tests on the planet to evaluate the English skills of a test taker. Many people need to achieve a good score on this test to pursue their dreams, whether it is for immigration purposes, to attend school in another country or to get a job that will provide them with a lot of opportunity for them and their family. Coeus has created a program that will help participants be prepared, give them tips and tricks that will help them achieve the scores they need on the IETLS test. For an overview of the course, click more.


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